Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site

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Johnson Farm Dinosaur TrackExperience Something Unique At The Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site in St. George Utah

The Johnson Farm Dinosaur track site in Washington County, Utah is really special and stands out as the most important track site located in the western part of North America. Here you can find dinosaur tracks that are incredibly well preserved and some even display skin impressions. Besides the tracks, you can also see many different fish fossils, rare dinosaur remains, important sedimentary structures, invertebrates’ traces, and plants.

There are also some other discoveries that are rarely talked about but are special at the Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site near St. George Utah, including the best preserved and largest dinosaur swim tracks collection.


Everything started in 2000. That was when Dr. Sheldon Johnson, a local optometrist, was simply leveling a hill that was a part of his St. George, Utah property. When the sedimentary rock layers were removed, the sandstone that remained revealed an incredible object. It was a 3D preserved full dinosaur track. This marked the first discovery in the area and thousands of various other tracks were afterwards discovered.

As time passed Dr. Johnson managed to create a very interesting exhibit and saved absolutely all the tracks that were discovered in the area. In addition, other fossils have been arranged and besides the tracks, visitors can actually see fish and dinosaur bones, small aquatic animal shells, seeds and leaves of various plants and many other rare exhibits.

Visiting Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site in St. George Utah

There are thousands of people that visit the Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site in St. George Utah. Contrary to what you might be tempted to believe at first glance, this is not a site that is perfect just for specialists. It is true that hundreds of various paleontologists visit the site and were astonished of the unique discovery, but even non-experts, including children, can have a lot of fun at the site.

You can easily go on a tour of the Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site in St. George, Utah and besides getting a chance to look at the tracks and exhibits; the tour guide will also tell you a lot about the history behind it. It is perfect for both children and people that do not know much about dinosaurs and that era. Or even for those that do!Dinosaur Tracks at Johnson Farm

The great thing about the Johnson Farm Dinosaur Track Site is that you can easily incorporate it into any travel package that you might be on. It does not take long to visit the exhibit and the prices are actually quite affordable, when compared with others from around the world. You get a chance to see tracks and bones in a very unique setting.

If you only want to visit the area in order to visit the track site, we recommend that you seriously consider staying longer because of the other tourist attractions that St. George has to offer.   There is no need to book your visit of the exhibit in advance as you can always visit or become a part of another group that is already on a tour.

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