Hiking Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon

by: admin

There’s a lesser known part of Zion called Kolob Canyon, that offers a similar but different taste of the canyon. You can find it along I 15 between Cedar City and St George. It has what they call the 5 Fingers that truly are amazing to see. There are several hikes you can do while there and a look-out you can drive to that will inspire even the most cynical critics.


One of my favorite hikes within Kolob Canyon is one called Taylor Creek. It’s a hike that offers a lot, but doesn’t require a lot as well. You’ll follow along the creek bed for about 2 hours walking in and out of the creek (yes your feet will get wet, but that’s about it), before reaching the Double Arch Alcove.

This hike itself is so fun and so beautiful. You’ll walk up in-between two of these fingers so you can only image the beauty that you’ll be rewarded with. There’s also an old cabin landmark along the way that you’ll need to stop and investigate for a few minutes as well.

The creek meanders down the canyon as you walk up it, although there is very little up-hill at all, so those who need a hike with great reward, but one that’s easy on the knees then this is your hike!

Kolob Canyons Double Arch

In truth Taylor Creek is a long trail that leads to additional other places that are amazing as well, but most stop at the Double Arch Alcove. It’s one of the best places to sit down and have a lunch you can find anywhere. The alcove is beautiful with moss and vines growing along the sides of it. And above you, you’ll be able to see two arches that are forming right on top of each other.


It’s simply a stunning place to visit and see. Added with adventure of a fun hike, it makes for a great activity to do while staying in St George. One that the whole family will enjoy. You’ll be able to spend some time with them wandering through an incredibly beautiful red canyon walled park, with a meandering creek that only adds to both the temperature and the beauty of the surroundings.

So if it’s things to do in St George that you’re after, then hiking Taylor Creek in Kolob Canyon is one of our favorites. Everyone will love it and you’ll come back with some fantastic insta-worth pictures as well.