All about the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George Utah

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Huntsman World Senior Games is a great Olympic-like sports competition for seniors aged 50 and above. The event is held at Dixie Center in St. George, Utah every October. Seniors from all over the world are flocking St. George to witness and to participate in the sports events. To know all about the Huntsman World Senior Games in St. George Utah, read on.

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senior games running eventsHuntsman World Senior Games

The Senior Games had started in 1987 when it was founded by Daisy and John H. Morgan Jr. The event was founded to promote and support fitness, friendship, peace and love among seniors and even the youth. The initial age limit of the participants was 55 and older but in 1989, two years after the inception of the Senior Games, the age limit was reduced to 50 so that there will be more willing participants who can join.

During the year 1989, Chairman Jon M. Huntsman became the principal sponsor of the Senior Games, which resulted in the growth of the sports competition. Chairman Huntsman wanted to promote the health of the seniors in the area so he did what he could to promote the Games and make it more fun for the participants, volunteers and attendees. Until today, Chairman Huntsman’s family still participates in the Huntsman World Senior Games by attending the opening ceremony personally and helping with the arrangements of the sports events.

  • Full-Time Workers and Volunteers

The event is made possible every year with the help of a small group of full-time organizers of the event as well as over 2,000 volunteers. Because of this, the Games continue to be successful and fun, not only for the participants but also for everyone involved in the event, including the spectators.

  • Health and Fitness Promotion

Aside from the sports events, Huntsman World Senior Games also provide health screenings, which include breast and prostate cancer screening. There are also screenings for diabetes, glaucoma, high blood pressure, bad cholesterol level and decreased bone density. Through these screenings, seniors are able to see how their health is, which enable the Games staff to provide assistance whenever an elderly is suffering from any illness or condition mentioned above.

Huntsman Sports Events: Joining the Events senior games swimming events

There are 27 sporting events in the Games, which participating individuals, doubles/partners and teams can join. Joining the events can be either thru the Games’ website or through mail. Participants should pay a registration fee upon registration for the events. The registration fee is equivalent to the registration fee plus the fees for the corresponding sports that the athlete is willing to join. Athletes can look at the registration fees for the sports events at the individual sports pages.

Even if the seniors that want to join doubles and teams enrolled online or by mail as an individual athlete, they can look for partners and teams online. The site of Huntsman World Senior Games enables participants to list their name on the list of players looking for partners and teams. Other athletes and team managers and coaches can look at the list and choose the athletes that they want to include into their teams.

Teams with lacking members, on the other hand, can also submit their team on the list of teams that are looking for members. This will enable individual athletes to choose the teams that they want to join.

Participants from Around the Globe

Many seniors from around the world are gaining interest in the Huntsman World Senior Games. This is the reason why many participants come from all parts of the globe. Participants from Alaska, Australia, Russia and Japan are flocking the Games to take part on this fun event.

Foreign participants on the event never have to worry about lodging for this two-week event as there are many St. George vacation rentals all over the place. Because of this, Games participants do not only enjoy the sports events but also enjoy their stay at St. George. The vacation rentals are close not only to Dixie Center, where the sports events are being held yearly, but also close to tourist destinations. Because of this, many participants opt to stay longer than the Games duration so that they can enjoy the area even more.

Foreign and even local participants can enjoy the parks, museums and other tourist destinations in St. George during their stay for the event. There are also a lot of places to dine and relax in the area, which will make the participants even more delighted with the sports events and the place itself.

Merriment, Concerts and Awards

Aside from the sporting events and the health screenings, seniors also love the band concerts and awards that the Games coordinators organize after the events. This is a great time for seniors to get to know more about other participants, which often result in new friendships. Even guests and attendees can also join the merriment to make the event more enjoyable for everyone.

The awards ceremonies and the concerts and dances do not only celebrate the victory of the sports events winners but also intend to share the victory of the Games to every participant; whether they have taken home a medal or not.

Huntsman World Senior Games Schedule

The Games is being held yearly, during the month of October, at St. George, Utah. The 27 sports events last for two weeks. Thus, participants from distant areas and abroad are advised to reserve St George vacation rentals for the event. There are loads of friendly vacation rental owners and businesses that would gladly accommodate their needs.

Participating in the Huntsman World Senior Games is truly a remarkable experience not only to the senior participants but also to the spectators and volunteers. Aside from promoting good health during the golden years, this joyful and exciting event also promote love for one another, sportsmanship and peace. The event also actively promotes fun and entertainment, which Chairman Huntsman said should never be forgotten in this exciting and entertaining sporting event.