Where to Fish in St. George Utah

by: admin

There are plenty of great spot to fish in Southern Utah.  This summer and fall’s outlook looks great for St. George area fishermen.  Here are a few spots that look the most promising:

Quail Creek:
Great place for large mouth bass even as the lake has been planted with rainbow trout.  The bass is typically found on the west and north shorelines.   This summer looks great for the trout if you’re fishing in the deep water of this lake.

Sand Hollow Reservoir:
If you like trolling and plugging, this is the place for you especially if you like large mouth bass.  There are a bunch this year and they are large.  Bluegills seem to have disappeared.

Ivins Reservoir:
Spawning efforts have paid off as there are a huge increase this year in large mouth bass.  The woolly black bugger is picking up smaller bass of less than 16 ounces.   From small to about a pound, they eagerly pounced on a size 6 black woolly bugger. Bigger than a pound fish are found with a jig by the moss.

Gunlock Reservoir:
Gunlock is back! The water levels are high and there is plenty of feed.  Bass are looking strong on the west bank.  Fishing is even better with a boat.  All boats now have to be teated for quagga mussels.

Some other good spots to fish this summer include:  Sandove Reservoirs, Baker Reservoir (huge brown trout), Enterprise Reservoir (upper large rainbows), and Otter Creek Reservoir