Visit Pine Valley

by: admin

If you’re visiting St George and looking for a bit of a different vibe than Zion and the red rocks that surround the area; if you’re after more of a cabin and woodsy feel, then Pine Valley is your place!

Pine Valley sits just north of St George, in fact they’re the beautiful giant peaks that frame our northern border. But that’s not the easiest way to access them, it takes driving to the west of those peaks to get into the valley itself.

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Once you get there you’ll be amazed at the quaintness and simple beauty that is this lovely valley. As you continue heading west deeper into the valley you’ll soon run across the new paved Pine Valley trail. In truth this is one of my favorite trails in southern Utah. It follows a meandering creek that comes out of the mountains, and has towering pine trees that give you shade as you walk.

It also goes beyond just that as well, as you’ll soon come upon the Pine Valley reservoir. Which is simply an incredibly picturesque scene. With the giant peaks surrounding you, and the shimmering water in front of you, you’ll realize that this place is truly a treasure. And don’t forget to bring your fishing pole either if that’s what you like, as they’ve been known to pull a few decent sized fish out of there everyone once and awhile.


If you continue past the reservoir you’ll encounter a couple of bridges that they recently installed, that really give you access to see the entire stream from top to bottom as you stroll along. You’ll see old rock walls and bridges made by earlier inhabitants. And you might see some deer, or even turkeys if you’re lucky. The wildlife in this area is quite tame so you’ll more than likely see something interesting.

As you get to the top of the paved trail it kicks you out into one of the major dirt trails in Pine Valley. Where you can hike up to see the old mill that they used to harvest the trees and then transport them down into St George.


So if you’re looking for a little more mountain and a little less red rock, Pine Valley is for you. There’s a fantastic steakhouse there called the Brandin Iron that is open on weekends and has some amazing food that won’t disappoint. In fact they’ve just installed an ice cream parlor onto it as well.

When you are looking for Condo’s in St George to rent, as well as things to do once you get here, then we’ve got you covered both ways! Pine Valley is a great place to go exploring in so don’t be afraid to go check it out.