Utah Humanities Book Festival

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What To Expect From The Utah Humanities Book Festival

The Utah Humanities Book Festival is held every single year by the Utah Humanities Council (also known as UHC for short). This is basically a nonprofit organization that is independent and that tries to bring different programs to people from Utah. The most popular tools known by people familiar with UHC are the Utah Public Radio and KCPW, although the Utah Humanities Book Festival is also quickly gaining popularity.

 What to know about UHC

UHC is a very interesting organization that basically tries to bring in the insights of literature, history, archaeology, art history and even philosophy to as many people as possible. Most of the programs launched are live and this gives people the possibility to attend and discuss. The highly interactive nature of the events organized is something that basically guarantees you will have fun and learn something new every single time you go to an UHC event.

The Utah Humanities Book Festival

This is an event that is held in October, the national Book Month. What is interesting is the fact that the entire state gets to be a part of the event and 2012 marks the 15th edition of an annual festival that just keeps on growing. During October you can go to many different meetings that are held under the Utah Humanities Book Festival mark in various cities around the state like St. George.

One of the most important parts of the Utah Humanities Book Festival is Keynoter Day, which is held in the Public Library in Salt Lake City. That is where different specialists hold conferences and many books are showcased.

You will also not want to miss the meeting with Charlaine Harris on October 27. She is world renowned for creating the inspiration for True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse. She will be present at the County Library and at the Salt Lake City Library.

It needs to be known that the majority of events that are held during the Utah Humanities Book Festival are designed for the entire family and they offer free admission. That is why you should seriously consider attending. Even if you are not from Utah, that should not be a problem.

People from all over the country travel to the state so they can be a part of the Utah Humanities Book Festival. As October gets closer, you will want to see the entire schedule and see what events are planned. As time passes new and exciting meetings with very good authors in various sciences are announced.

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Make sure that this year you are a part of a really wonderful festival. It is basically impossible not to find something that you will love.