St. George Utah Peak Vacation Times of the Year

by: admin

Book St. George Vacation Rentals in UtahSt. George is just like any other major tourist destination, it has peak times of the year.

You probably have a sense as to when the busy times are in St. George; it’s the dates when it seems like all your neighbors and relatives are planning a southern Utah trip at the same time. School breaks are when lots of people from northern Utah hit I-15 south for the ~300 mile drive. Big events like the marathon, triathlon, Huntsman Senior Games, etc are also busy.

So why do we bring this up?

Well, if you’re reading this blog most likely you’re a valued, repeat customer. Our condos rent extremely quickly during peak times of the year. We wanted to provide a list of peak dates so you know when you needed to book early, like really early. That way, our repeat customers get to stay in the condos. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other times that we’re not 100% full – because there are. It’s just these dates are especially busy, so book now so you don’t miss out on staying with us at St. George Vacation Rentals in Green Valley at the Las Palmas Resort.

2012 St. George Peak Lodging Times:
President’s Day Weekend: February 16 – 20
Spring Break:  Late March through April
Easter:  April 4 – 8
Ironman: May 2 – 6
Memorial Day Weekend:  May 24 – 28
4th of July:  July 2 – 6
Labor Day Weekend: August 30 – September 3
St. George Marathon: October 4 – 6
World Senior Games:  October  1 – 15
UEA Weekend: October 17  – 20
Thanksgiving:  November 20 – 25
Christmas and New Year:  December 26 – January 2