St. George Utah Arts Festival

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St. George Arts Festival Facts

St. George Arts Festival started over 30 years ago and it originally showcased a lot of the artists that are really well-known locally. This was the beginning but as time passed, hundreds of artists from all around the country have shown interest in the event and participated.

The truth is that St. George Arts Festival has a special appeal for festival goers and artists alike. The goers basically enjoy thousands of different original art works, including an amazing children-only area that is a lot of fun. Of course, there is live entertainment and many varied foods.

Every single year, over 30,000 people visit the St George Arts Festival and this marks one of the really busy weekends for the region. The event is held in Town Square, which is an attraction in itself thanks to the historic buildings, flower gardens, water features and carousel.

A great thing about the St. George Arts festival is the fact that the climate is always sunny and mild. It is perfect for outdoor events. This is why so many are held in the region all year round. Many different art forms are accepted into the festival. This includes oils, photography, woodwork, sculpture, pottery, watercolor and a lot more.

St. George UT Arts Festival


Contests are held every single year. The most traditional one sees the winning artist have his work featured in the poster that will be used the following year. In addition, there are cash prizes for the best show and ribbons for all categories included.

Entertainment st george UT arts festival

Performing arts are celebrated in St. George Arts Festival. There are continuous shows that are performed on 2 stages. If you come with your kids, you will also want to visit the special children area, which actually combines the possibility of showcasing creativity with playing.


When it comes to food, this festival has so much to offer. You get a chance to experience distinctive and aromatic flavors of various ethnic foods that can easily be located. This includes dishes that are Italian, Mexican, BBQ, American, Native American, Polynesian and Greek. You will appreciate the fact that the dishes are not expensive and this basically means that you can try them all.

Accommodations and Transportation

Whenever you plan to visit the St. George Arts festival, it is important that you plan everything in advance. Even the organizers recommend that all visitors and artists make reservations because accommodations will quickly fill all throughout the county.  We recommend you stay at a Las Palmas Condo.  See the links to the right to book.

It is also recommended that you plan your trip up to the event. It will be hard to find plane tickets if you do not make reservations because of the same reason why it is hard to find a room. In addition, it is a really good idea that you see in advance how much you will need to pay for the shows that you might want to attend. Most of them are free but some are paid, from time to time.

As a whole, St. George Arts festival is a tremendous opportunity to get in touch with incredible artists and to be entertained. Everything is a lot cheaper and of course, they’re a lot of fun.