Lytle Ranch Near St. George

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Why Visit Lytle Ranch In St. George Utah?

You are surely interested in learning why you should visit Lytle Ranch in St. George Utah and before we tell you the most common reasons that should be mentioned, it is important to understand that you need to plan your trip in advance. This is due to the fact that you might have to fly to Las Vegas and then take a car to St. George. It is the cheapest and fastest option that is available at the moment.

Why Should You Visit?

The main reason why you should seriously think about the possibility of visiting Lytle Ranch in St. George Utah is the fact that the landscapes are incredible. You will surely want to visit Beaver Dam Wash and see the springs that flow there and that look incredible 365 days per year.

You are basically visiting an oasis that is placed right in the middle of the Mojave Desert. There are so many different species that are rare and that can only be seen there. In addition, Lytle Ranch is located just 45 miles to the northwest of St. George, which offers many other tourist attractions. You can be there in just 30 minutes if that is what you want.

You can visit Lytle Ranch in St. George Utah every single day of the year from dawn to dusk. The location covers 462 acres and every single inch is available for exploration.

BYU Lytle Ranch near St. George Utah


Sometimes you will need directions when you want to visit Lytle Ranch in St. George Utah. To go there, you need to take Bluff Street Exit from St. George and then go north until Sunset. That is where you have to go left through Santa Clara. You will pass Ivins and Shivwits and when you reach a fork after Santa Clara River, you go left.

As soon as you get to Castle Cliffs you should turn right. There is a sign there that says Lytle Preserve and also a big one that says Big Cottonwood Game Ranch. The rest of the trip lasts for a little over 10 miles and then you just turn right towards the Lytle Ranch Preserve.

Other facts to consider

Before you visit BYU Lytle Ranch in St. George Utah, you need to plan accordingly if you want to go camping. This is important because you need to book in advance and everything should be arranged through Bean Life Science Museum. Check the fees and other rules that you have to respect before you agree to the terms.

Lytle Ranch is currently operated and owned by Brigham Young University. The Bean Life Science Museum (particularly College of Life Sciences) is responsible for the administration of the preserve. You can freely use it to teach and for research purposes but the entire area is also open to visitors.

In conclusion, Lytle Ranch is tremendous and it will be perfect for absolutely all people that love nature and want to see something that is not available anywhere in the world. It is an area that is peaceful, wild and that was not negatively influenced by the influence of man.