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When is the Best Time of Year to Fish Near St. George, Utah?

“When is the best time of year to fish near St. George, Utah?” You will likely hear anglers ask this question. Because timing is important in fishing, many anglers want to know the best time to fish and the best time to take a break. Fishes need to grow – and that takes time. So you have to be patient and wait for the right moment so that you will be able to catch large fishes. But waiting is not enough. You have to know the right time to start fishing so that you will only catch mature and fully developed fishes.

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Sand-Hollow-Reservoir-fishingWhen is the Best Time to Fish?

Knowing the best time to fish may be difficult. As there are many factors that affect the population and sizes of the fish, you might find it hard to determine the best time to set out and cast your bait on your favorite lake.

Fortunately, there are helpful guidelines that can help anglers figure out the best time to fish near St. George. Below is a list of guidelines that will help you determine the best time to fish and the best ways to fish on those occasions.

Spring, Summer and Fall

The best time to fish near St. George, UT is through spring, summer and fall. During these months, you can catch large fishes, depending on where you fish and the fishing style that you use.

  • May

During the month of May, fishing season starts. Fishes are quite active during this month so try to use techniques that will enable you to catch energetic fishes. Using streamers will enable you to catch large fishes during May so be sure to try fishing during this month.

  • June to Early July

If you enjoy fly fishing, you should take the opportunity to fish during these months. There is lesser angler pressure during weekdays so if you want to fish without having too many peers with you, you should book your fishing schedule during weekdays.

  • Mid July to Late August

Fishing during these months near St. George is great because you will be able to practice lots of fishing techniques. You will be able to catch lots of fish varieties during this season so be sure to take some time to go fishing on various lakes and streams during this time.

  • September to October

If you enjoy using streamers, you would love to fish during this season. Fly fishing is also great during these months.

  • November

Fishing during afternoons is great during November. Be sure to try using streamers as they are effective during this month.

  • December to March

You can still catch giant fishes during these months, even though fishing is limited during this season. Try to catch trout during afternoons as they tend to take the bait during these times.

  • April

Trout are the often caught fish during this month. You can expect to catch large ones during this time if you try to fly fish. This is almost the beginning of peak season, so, this is one of the times to fish near St. George, Utah.


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