Eating at the Cliffside Restaurant

by: admin

One of the newer places to eat in St George is the Cliffside Restaurant. For those of you who are familiar with the area, it’s the old restaurant on the side of the hill. Within the last year it’s been completely remodeled and is one of my favorite spots in all of St George to eat at.

The interior of the restaurant is stunning and beautiful, and has some of the best views in all of St George. They’ve strategically placed as many tables and chairs next to windows to allow you unobstructed views of downtown St George.


Their menu covers a good range and offers meals like steak and seafood, gourmet burgers and salmon salads. Their chicken fried chicken’s fantastic, as well as their pasta dishes. And believe it or not one of the best meals I’ve gotten there was their Cliffside Burger, which is truly one of the best burgers in town.

But in truth what makes the Cliffside Restaurant such a gem in St George is their deck. With the remodel they’ve taken the viewing deck and added a number of tables that sit underneath large heaters and twinkling lights, that make for arguably one of the most stunning places to eat in all of southern Utah.


There’s just something about sitting outside on that deck overlooking the lights of downtown St George that makes everything right. They have a great sound system that only adds to an already perfect atmosphere. It’s hard to overdo talking about how great eating on their deck really is.

We went when it was a little cold outside and the heaters definitely did their job, to where we quickly removed our coats and were able to eat at a more than comfortable temperature.


So if you’re looking for a unique place in St George to eat, a place that not only has fantastic food but an ambiance that is hard to compete with anywhere, then the Cliffside Restaurant is your place and we would highly recommend it.